Product Development

Real Time Cloud Monitor service (RTCM) is our proprietory product of Global Infotech LLC which is under development, which mainly serves to collect, store, visualize and manage time-series data to improve the flexibility and scalability of IT services delivered to the end users. RTCM is manual/automated monitoring software that provides central access and control over cloud infrastructure to build custom monitoring solutions for servers, sensors, storage appliances, network infrastructure, apps, logs and more. In addition to monitor and ensure cloud infrastructure/solution/service availability to users RTCM software is also designed and underdeveloped to deliver real-time analytics about users, sensor states, business metrics. And the utilization of applications, infrastructure and networks is performed with the help of appropriate set of monitoring tools that are integrated in the RTCM service from end-to-end to perform IT services optimally. This document provides a high level overview of the platform in terms of features, definitions and guidelines.

RTCM platform provides complete extensibility across cloud monitoring quality services, applications, UI layers and monitoring/management techniques. This allows our customers/users to build custom monitoring solutions, enables to deliver real-time analytics, utilization of apps, infrastructure, network and results in improvement of their IT services with the flexible and scalable administration.